European Importers of
Incienso de Santa Fe
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I first discovered the wood-scented incense of Incienso de Santa Fe in a small shopping mall off Route 66 in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Later wandering through the pink adobe streets of Taos, with the smell of wood-burning heavy in the air, I was completely smitten.

This wood-scented incense recreates the natural scent of burning wood without the need of an open fire. And if you do have an open fire this enhances the feeling that you have scented wood burning in your hearth. The incense comes in seven different wood scents: juniper, cedar, alder, mesquite, hickory, fir balsam and piñon. And as each different type of wood burns it brings you that little bit closer to the desert skies of New Mexico.

With the help of Cara in New Jersey who designed this site and Alec in London, I’m hoping that you will enjoy this wood-scented incense as much as I do.